Daubrite® Emitters


New Daubrite emitters prevent metals from corrosion in closed spaces, electrical boxes, control panels, telecommunications equipment, tools boxes, and more. When the corrosion inhibiting vapors are released into the enclosure, they form an invisible barrier of VCI protection on steel, copper, zinc, and multi-metal parts inside. Emitters are economical, safe, easy to install, and last for years. Daubert VCI offers two types- Daubrite 5 for 5 cu. ft. of enclosed space, and Daubrite 10 for 10 cu. ft. of space.

Thin Daubrite™ Disk Emitters Fit in Tight Spaces

New ultra-thin Daubrite disk emitters provide effective corrosion protection for exposed metals inside all types of electronic and telecommunications cabinets and enclosures.

Unique Daubrite disks are 2 3/16" round, and up to only ¼" high. Daubrite 5 disk protects 5 cu. ft. of space; Daubrite 10 disk protects 10 cu. ft. of space. Both are easy to install by simply peeling off the adhesive strip backing and pressing the emitter onto a flat surface such the inside lid of a junction box or panel. The protective vapors begin to work immediately, and last for up to 2 years. Protection is clean, dry, and effective on steel, copper, zinc and multi-metal parts.

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