Daubert VCI™ Films


Selecting the right Daubert VCI film

Polyethylene film has its own unique properties as a packaging material.

  • Heat sealable
  • Strong, stretchable
  • Economical
  • Great flexibility
  • Highly water resistant
  • Can be applied automatically and removed quickly.

Clear Pak® provides proven corrosion protection. Through volatilization and contact, the nitrite-free VCI chemicals protect metal parts against the corrosive effects of moisture, salt and other contaminants while they are in process, storage or transit.

Choose from:

  • Clear Pak 2000 - premium protection for ferrous metals, including steel and cast iron.
  • Clear Pak 3000 - advanced blend for multi-metal applications.
  • Clear Pak 3000 Stretch film - 1 Mil, hand and machine stretch rolls.

All formulations are transparent, strong, and tear-resistant... ideal for large and roughly handled packages. All VCI film is tinted a unique shade of blue to identify it as a product of Daubert VCI, Inc.

How does VCI film work?

The corrosion inhibitors are extruded right into the polyethylene film, not superficially applied. As a result, the volatile and contact inhibitors provide long-term corrosion protection for the most intricate and hard-to-reach surfaces. The corrosion protection is clean, non-discernible, with no strong chemical odor.

Clear Pak film is transparent for easy inspection and identification of parts. It will not affect the performance of the protected metal, and the parts are ready to use immediately after removal from the packaging without additional cleaning.

Custom Sizes

Clear Pak is available in stock and custom sizes to meet all of your needs:

  • Zipper bags (in stock)
  • Gusset bags (in stock)
  • Flat bags (in stock)
  • Automatic packaging bags
  • Perforated bags on a roll
  • Shrouds
  • Engine bags
  • Bin liners (in stock)
  • Tubing
  • Sheeting
  • Other custom designs

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