Nox-RustŪ Liquids


Nox-Rust corrosion preventive liquids were developed more than 60 years ago to protect steel coils. They are ideal for preventing corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in transportation, heavy equipment, highway, marine, and general manufacturing industries.

All are available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Nox-Rust 1100 - A light, volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) lubricating oil for preserving ferrous metal parts in enclosed systems. Stays oily when dry. Keeps fuel tanks, storage tanks, cylinders, transmissions, metal containers, gear housing, clutch compartments, crankcases, hydraulic and coolant circulating systems well protected. Can be used with fuel in fuel tanks. No mixing, preparation required. Ships ready to apply. Parts can be used immediately without further cleaning. Protects 1-5 years in a sealed system.

Nox-Rust 3100 - A heavy, oily coating which sets up in 12-24 hours to a firm, waxy shell barrier. Designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in severe environments where a semi-permanent barrier is desired, such as in export. No mixing or other preparation is required. Liquid ships ready to apply. Self-healing. Protects 3-6 months outdoors exposed; 1-3 years outdoors covered; 5 years indoors covered.

Nox-Rust 4101 - A multi-metal liquid inhibitor designed for use as edge coating for steel coils stored in acidic environments, and in plating operations. Dries to a soft, waxy film. Apply by dip, spray or brush. Protects 6-12 months outdoors, covered. Ideal for use on zinc and zinc galvanized steel.

Nox-Rust 5400 - An excellent multi-metal inhibitor for general industrial packaging applications, including light stamping operations and steel coils. The light film stays oily after application. Ideal as a processing lubricant, preservative and rust preventive spray on steel and steel parts. Sets up in 2-6 hours. Protects 6-12 months uncovered; 1-2 years indoors.

Nox-Rust 7100 - A general purpose corrosion preventive for ferrous metals in most plant operations, including springs, stampings, saws, machine tools, engines, aviation parts, steel plates, bearings, gear parts, and most precision parts packaging applications. The light oil with thin, soft film is non-discernible when dry. Will not clog dies of stamping machines. Repels water from metal surfaces. Protects 3-6 months indoors covered; longer if packaged.

Nox-Rust 7800 - A light, corrosion inhibiting lubrication liquid which remains oily after application. Provides precision parts protection in general packaging applications. Typically used to protect bearings and small parts. Provides active protection of steels, and compatible with non-ferrous metals. No mixing or other preparation required. Protects up to 12 months indoors.

Nox-Rust 9300 - A thin oily film that is emulsifiable with water. Can be used as a final stage rinse, and can be cut with water depending on the application. For general protection for precision parts. Low odor. Sold as a concentrate for the user to dilute as necessary. Protects 3-6 months indoors.

Nox-Rust 9700 - Water-based, rust preventive liquid that dries to a thin soft film. Typically used to prevent corrosion on parts in-process, in a final stage rinse or a cleaner/sprayer wash. No flashpoint. Encapsulates fingerprint salts and prevents them from spreading corrosion. Protects 1-12 weeks indoors.

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