Electra Taper - Electric Taper from (Marsh Shipping Supply Co. LLC)
It’s new in 2002. The Marsh Electra and gummed tape are the perfect match for a tamper evident, recyclable seal. This state of the art, electronically driven tape machine is designed for dependability, speed and service.
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HT - Manual Hand Taper from (Marsh Shipping Supply Co. LLC)
  • New and improved scissor action blades are made of stainless steel. This long lasting material will not rust or corrode. Sharp, accurate, clean cuts every time!
  • Improved! 48 oz. (1.4L) water bottle with a rubber valve reduces water spillage. Largest bottle in the industry!
  • Redesigned tape channel guides. All metal construction, easy to adjust with built-in thumbscrew feature for centering tape roll. Allows for easy viewing of remaining tape roll and easy drop-in reloading.
  • Accommodates up to 1000 foot (305 meter) tape roll with optional modification kit. Reduces the amount of tape roll changeovers. More production – “up time”
  • Standard 18 month limited warranty.
  • Meets CE and ETL approval

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No. 52 Manual Tay-per® Gummed Tape Dispenser
Feature for feature, the model 52 is the finest manual tape dispenser you can buy. It measures, cuts, and delivers kraft or reinforced sealing tapes up to 36" long in one motion. Repeated strokes of the lever dispense longer lengths. Important features include independent stops for two different lengths of tape, positive moistening with double brushes and adjustable pressure control, precision hardened and ground knives, and rugged cast construction for years of dependable service.
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Tay-per II® Electronic Tape Dispenser
The all new Tay-per® II gummed tape dispenser meets the requirements and standards of today's sophisticated shipping room environments. Easy to use, while give the greatest variety of tape lengths, the Tay-per® II is a quiet, clean, safe machine which sets a new standard for the industry. Single touch of a button feeds a measured length of tape from 6" to 39" long. (6" to 72" for the XL version). You can feed a random length, or easily program any length from 4" to 99", in 1" increments. The unique rotary cutting mechanism and the low-voltage tape feed motor and timing-belt driver are nearly silent. The cutter is fully enclosed on all sides, making it impossible to get a finger in the path of the cutting blades. The flat touch-panel control reduces the chance of accidentally triggering the machine or pressing the wrong button.
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Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser
A real time saver when sealing many cartons of the same size on a production basis. A convenient shift lever dials in any length of tape from 4 to 72 inches, in half-inch increments, for most efficient use of tape. The viewfinder window and large numbers on the length indicator dial make length selection fast and positive. A light touch anywhere on the large switch bar feeds, moistens, and cuts measured lengths of tape with a minimum of effort. Cast metal construction with durable blue powder-coat finish for years of dependable service. Double moistening brushes, heated water supply, and adjustable water level ensure optimum tape moistening. The platen pressure is adjustable for proper pressure on the tape as it passes over the brushes.
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