Manual Dispenser
All metal construction with durable blue powder coat finish, yet priced competitively with lightweight plastic dispensers. An easy pull on the backing paper separates and advances the label. Flat top surface makes it easy to stamp or write on labels as they are dispensed. Core holder for standard 3" diameter core label rolls. Core holder may be removed for 1" core or no-core labels. Adjustable guide helps keep narrow labels tracking straight. Non-slip rubber feet. Has mounting holes for permanent installation on work table or wall mounting.
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Label Protection Tape Dispenser
These handy dispensers hold label protection tapes and pouch tapes with the adhesive side facing up. Place a plain paper label on the surface and pull off the amount of tape you need to create an instant shipping label. Wave-form cutter blade cuts the tape cleanly. All metal body with built-in label storage compartment. Frame is formed steel with a smooth tan powder coat finish. Top plate is heavy aluminum with black powder coat finish.
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Electric Label Dispenser
Dispenses pressure sensitive labels of any length, up to 5 1/4 inches wide. As a label is taken from the machine, the next label advances automatically. Label feed is controlled by a photoelectric sensor. Since the label does not touch the sensor, the No. 351 is especially well suited for dispensing small, fragile, or irregular-shaped labels.
Control switch has two positions:
AUTOMATIC - As a label is lifted from the machine, the roll advances until the following label projects over the photo cell, then stops. Cycle repeats as the next label is taken.
MANUAL - Labels advance as long as the switch is pressed.
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