Corroded Gear Comes Clean in Evapo-Rust

George Ash of Fulton Enterprises, Inc. provides unique solutions to his industrial customers. But he faced a very large problem when a custom gear manufacturer approached him about a very large vault door part that had thoroughly rusted beneath a leaky roof. Corrosion was deeply embedded in the threaded bolt holes, keyways, and teeth of this hefty 5" thick x 18" diameter gear.

Another wrinkle – this impressive part had a shiny mirror finish, which was corroded as well. It was impossible to use any kind of abrasive rust removal method without ruining it.

“It was a real mess,” says Ash, who brought a sample container of Daubert Cromwell’s new Evapo-Rust on his visit to see the gear. “Our client had actually found out about the product on their own, so I was glad to visit their facility and bring some along to see if it could help.”

After testing Evapo-Rust on a similar metal surface, Ash immersed the rusted mirror-finish vault door gear in a bucket of Evapo-Rust, and then accompanied his customer on a plant tour. They returned 90 minutes later to find the mirror finish gear in pristine condition.

“We were ecstatic,” says Ash. “The result was complete restoration without damage to the mirror finish. Bolt holes, keyways and gear teeth were corrosion-free. Even the stamped lettering on the face of the gear was perfectly restored.” Because Evapo-Rest is a non-acidic, non-toxic, water based solution that works without scrubbing, it had soaked off the rust without damaging the finish. Evapo-Rust’s neutral pH formulation doesn’t affect metal compositions, plating, or non-oxide paint coatings.

“Evapo-Rust can help save on labor costs,” the customer told Ash. “There’s virtually no manpower involved in restoring rusted parts because once you submerse them, it does the work for you. Also, it prevents corrosion for several days after treatment, which was an added bonus.”

He was also impressed that Evapo-Rust is environmentally friendly, safe to use and easy to dispose. It gets the highest ratings of “zero” in the product hazard categories of health, fire, toxicity, and reactivity on the all-important MSDS.

“Evapo-Rust is about as much fun as it is effective. It helped my client out of a jam,” Ash quipped. “You could say it got him out of a real door jam.”

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